Meet the Tutors – Sebastian Zois

Harry Mav: Hey Sebastian, great to be speaking with you today! So tell us a little bit about yourself, what are you studying at the moment?
Sebastian Zois: Hey Harry, likewise! So I’m in my final year of Clinical Science at Macquarie University, I’m loving it! I want to continue there with post graduate Physiotherapy from next year!
HM: Oh wow, that’s cool! And have you had a chance to gain a better insight of COVID with the knowledge from your course?
SZ: Definitely, we did some extra work now on COVID, looked at case studies and understood all sorts of things about the virus.
HM: Great! And you tutor biology, do you bring this knowledge to the students?
SZ: Where it’s relevant. I tutor Biology but also Maths, Physics and Chemistry, I love it!
HM: Awesome! And what is it you love about tutoring?
SZ: I love it when I can develop students to a point where they’re asking really deep questions that get to the core of what they’re learning. I remember once I had a student for Maths and the sciences who was going through a lot in her life. We sat down and talked it through, went over everything not only on an academic side but also from a mentoring / life side and I provided whatever insight I could. She ended up doing really well in her HSC and she is actually now tutoring at the Centre too!!
HM: Wow that’s amazing! It must be really rewarding when one of your students then goes on to become a tutor and help other students! And what else should we know about you?
SZ: I love football! I follow Sydney FC / Arsenal and I also play for Sans Souci. Very happy now that the restrictions are lifting!!