Year 9 Tuition

Year 9 Tuition

One on One Sessions ($90 per hour) – Contact us to organise
Maths | English | NAPLAN Preparation
Monday to Friday 4-8pm, Saturday and Sunday 9am-6pm

NAPLAN Test Workshop ($60 per 2 hour session including exam, marking and feedback)
Language Conventions | Reading | Writing | Numeracy
January Holidays Monday to Saturday 10am-12pm, 12-2pm, 2-4pm

All Subjects Covered

Our Year 9 tuition in Sydney is all about helping your child get the most out of their learning experience. We’ve helped children with all different ability levels come to enjoy learning, and helped to plug the knowledge gaps that have been holding them back.

We also don’t focus on one or two core subjects. For Year 9 students, we understand they’re beginning to select their own subjects and develop certain areas of interest. We specialise in helping students get back on track with the subjects they’re struggling with, but we also acknowledge the importance of encouraging their subjects of interest.

NAPLAN Tuition in Sydney

Year 9 includes NAPLAN testing for all students, where they’re required to complete tests on all aspects of reading, writing, language and numeracy. That’s why we often help students with plenty of maths and English tuition during Year 9.

As students prepare for NAPLAN testing, it’s important to brush up on certain skills, or even identifying gaps in knowledge that might be making it hard for them to grasp more complex concepts. Once identified, we tailor our tuition sessions to fill those gaps so that children can approach their NAPLAN testing with confidence.

Different Learning Styles

Here at First Education, we understand that every child learns differently. In our experience, most children actually love learning, but it’s about bringing out that enthusiasm. Poor results in the past can often be attributed to knowledge gaps rather than a lack of interest in learning. It could simply be that they haven’t had the personalised attention in school that they’ve needed.

We approach every student differently, and work to understand their preferred learning methods so we can assist them more effectively. It’s about providing a supportive environment where children aren’t afraid to make mistakes, because that’s exactly how they learn.

At First Education we build passion and confidence in our students so they can conquer their goals!

To experience all this for yourself and your child, Contact Us to have a chat and organise a session!