Meet the Tutors – Lilla Zayzon

Harry Mav: Hey Lilla, great to be here talking with you! So tell us a bit about yourself, you’re studying at the moment?

Lilla Zayzon: Yep I’m in the final year of my combined Business and Law degree at UTS, really enjoying it! I then have the tutoring as well which I really love, then I spend whatever time I have left seeing friends and family, reading, going to the beach and going on walks.

HM: Ah great to hear! And what’s your plan after you finish your studies?

LZ: I want to work in law, probably in media and arts and in the longer term to settle down and start a family.

HM: Beautiful! You’ve been tutoring for a few years now, how has that been going?

LZ: I’ve absolutely loved it, I actually thought of changing to study teaching at some point! It’s incredible to have this relationship with the kids each week where we can meet up and I can help mentor them and build their confidence to tackle their learning at school.

HM: Oh wow! Tell us more about the tutoring, what impact do you think you’ve made on the kids’ lives?

LZ: Well it’s hard to say because a lot of it you don’t see, but I know there were many students who first came to me who didn’t really like school or their learning but after a few sessions they saw that they really could enjoy the process! My favourite part is probably when students come to sessions really wanting to share with me something positive that has happened in their week because they know I’ll want to hear about it and I care about what’s happening in their lives!

HM: That’s awesome, in fact if I’m not mistaken we’ve had a number of students come to us because their friends were super happy with you as a tutor! Congratulations Lilla!