Meet the Tutors – Venus Lacoste

Harry Mav: Hey Venus, thank you for taking the time to speak with me today! Let’s get right into it, so what are you studying at the moment?
Venus Lacoste: Hey Harry, I’m studying Fine Arts at National Arts school in my final year. I’m  majoring in painting and I’m doing mostly abstract art, in fact you’d love it Harry a lot of it is quite geometric.
HM: Ah awesome! And do you see yourself working in fine art going forward?
VL: Definitely! I love it and want to keep working in art, but since starting tutoring I’ve really started to think more seriously about going back to uni after this and becoming a teacher!
HM: Ow that’s amazing! So you’ve loved your time tutoring?
VL: I have indeed, it has been great to come up with so may different ways to explain things to the students (these come to me at all different times)! COVID was a big adjustment to move to video call sessions but it made me much more intentional in my sessions then and now.
HM: Very interesting. And what else can you tell us about yourself, I believe you did piano and ballet to a very high level?
VL: I did! Now life gets a bit busy now but I’ve been getting into life drawing classes whenever I can which are great!