Frequently Asked Questions

Tutoring is important because it supports the learning being done at school, identifies development areas. Maths and English tutoring allows students to move ahead more confidently in school. Our Sydney tutors use our 1 hour each week with your child to maximise their 20 hours each week with their teachers at school.

No, no one needs tutoring. Life will continue fine if your child doesn’t receive tutoring, but we can still make a really big difference in either supporting weak areas or extending your child’s learning. If your child is struggling with certain maths concepts, our maths tutors in Sydney can help fill those knowledge gaps. If English is a concern, our tutors in English can build your child’s confidence and help get them up to speed in the classroom.

One on one sessions:
Primary: $80 per hour
Year 7-10: $90 per hour
Year 11-12: $100 per hour

Synchronised sessions 30% discount

NAPLAN Program: $50 for 2 hour session

HSC Maths Program: $108 for 2 hour session

Payments are made on a termly basis, and unlike other private tutors we don’t want to lock anyone in. The only commitment we have is that if less than 24 hours-notice is given for any cancellation or time change then the session fee applies.

We are open every day!
Mon-Fri: 4-8pm
Sat-Sun: 9am-6pm

Our one on one tutors usually hold weekly sessions, but we can do multiple sessions per week. For example, our high school tutors in Sydney often hold two sessions a week if your child needs more targeted assistance.

One on one tutoring sessions are for one hour. Specialised tutoring sessions such as NAPLAN Program, Debating and Public Speaking Program and HSC Maths Program sessions are for 2 hours.

You’ll always find the tutors working with your children are passionate and talented university students that excelled in specific subjects. Our HSC English tutors for example, have achieved great success in English subjects. Our Sydney tutors know the content back to front and are skilled communicators in deconstructing concepts and empathising with the kids.

In the rare instance that your child doesn’t like their tutor we can discuss what happened and find the right fit for your child. No hard feelings, our tutoring centre has many qualified tutors in English and maths, and we just want the best for the kids.

It’s totally fine to cancel or move a session with more than 24 hours-notice. If less than 24 hours-notice is given for any cancellation or time change then the normal session fee applies. This is to ensure our private tutors can maximise their availability for all children.

We have one on one tutors available for single student sessions. We also offer synchronised sessions which can have two or three students. NAPLAN Program, Debating and Public Speaking Program and HSC Maths Program tutor classes can have between five and ten students.

Yes, homework is an integral part of our tuition in maths and English. This is to help children consolidate their learning, and also to ensure the student is able to apply the concepts they’ve learned by themselves.

For maths and English tutoring, your child should bring everything they would normally bring to school for that subject. Any previous or recent tests may also be helpful for our high school tutors to see where they’re at!

Every week our Sydney tutors record what we’ve done with your child (as well as the homework given). We will call once per term to touch base about everything and can also speak more frequently if required. Our private tutors want to ensure that as parents you’re kept up to date with your child’s progress.

Yes, we have tutors online for your convenience. Our private tutoring in Sydney can be offered either face to face or via video call.

We don’t have any free trial sessions, our product is awesome and you’ll get value from the very first session.

We make the learning enjoyable, and try to incorporate games and computer activities where appropriate. We create a private tutoring environment where children can feel inspired and confident to learn. Our tutors also have a system of prizes where students earn stars each week for their effort in the homework and effort in the session.