Year 4 Tuition

Year 4 Tuition

One on One Sessions ($80 per hour)Contact us to organise
Numeracy (Maths) | Literacy (English) | OC Test Preparation
Monday to Friday 4-8pm, Saturday and Sunday 9am-6pm

OC Test Workshop (Exam included with One on One session, $80 for both)
July Holidays Monday to Saturday 10am-12pm

Building a Love of Learning

As children move through primary school, they start developing areas of interest, where they often excel. They also start to experience other areas of learning where they don’t perform so well. Sometimes this is due to a lack of interest, other times it can be because they have knowledge gaps that need filling.

Our primary school tutoring offers an opportunity for children to develop a lifelong love of learning. Whether they need help grasping certain fundamentals before they can enjoy a subject again, or if they simply need things explained in a more engaging way, we find ways to help your child love learning again.

Confidence Building Through Tutoring

Confidence is a huge part of life, and it’s particularly important for school. We see several students who have had bad report cards, poor test scores and after a while they lose their confidence. A loss of confidence usually leads to a hesitance to give things a go, for fear of making a mistake.

At First Education, we work closely with your child to rebuild their confidence. We celebrate the wins, and we create environment where mistakes are all part of learning. During Year 4, it’s the perfect opportunity to rebuild any dents in a child’s confidence, and get them back on the right track to succeed.

A Fun and Supportive Learning Environment

While most schools make an effort to ensure school work is fun, it’s often difficult to tailor course content to suit every child. Some kids simply learn differently than others, and that’s why our private tutoring for primary school students is perfect. We provide the support and the personalised attention some children need in order to fully grasp literacy and numeracy concepts. If your child is having trouble at school, we can help them rediscover their love of learning.

At First Education we build passion and confidence in our students so they can conquer their goals!

To experience all this for yourself and your child, Contact Us to have a chat and organise a session!