Year 1 Tuition

Year 1 Tuition

One on One Sessions ($80 per hour) – Contact us to organise
Numeracy (Maths) | Literacy (English)
Monday to Friday 4-8pm, Saturday and Sunday 9am-6pm

An Introduction to ‘Big School’

For some students, the move from Prep to Year 1 can be challenging. It’s still a pretty fun time for kids, but there’s definitely a lot more structured learning to be done. This is where your child’s literacy and numeracy skills really start to develop. However, we also understand that children in Year 1 often have very different levels of capability.

Concentration and focus can be a big challenge for kids in Year 1. It doesn’t mean they’re bad kids, and it doesn’t mean they’re not smart. But it does mean they can start to miss a few vital skills if they’re not mastered early. That’s where our private tutoring sessions for primary school can really help your child stay on track.

Personalised Attention

Year 1 students have a lot of competition for their teacher’s attention, and that can be challenging. You could consider group tutoring sessions, but unfortunately the problem still exists. That’s why we offer personalised one-on-one tutoring sessions, tailored to your child’s needs.

Our primary school tutors understand the Year 1 curriculum, and they work to ensure your child learns everything they need to throughout the year. It doesn’t replace their schooling, but rather enhances it. By giving children the attention and assistance they need, they’re more likely to grasp concepts and keep up to speed in school.

Tutors Who Care

Our tutors are genuinely caring individuals who have your child’s education and best interests at heart. You’ll always see them with a smile on their face, and they work hard to create a supportive, nurturing environment where your child can flourish.

For our tutors, it’s not just about teaching answers and improving test results. It’s about helping your child discover a love of learning they can take with them through their whole life.

At First Education we build passion and confidence in our students so they can conquer their goals!

To experience all this for yourself and your child, Contact Us to have a chat and organise a session!