Kindergarten Tuition

Kindergarten Tuition

One on One Sessions ($80 per hour) – Contact us to organise
Numeracy (Maths) | Literacy (English)
Monday to Friday 4-8pm, Saturday and Sunday 9am-6pm

Giving Kids the Help They Need

For most kids, Kindergarten is their first introduction to everyday schooling, and the transition can be difficult. Let’s face it, put 20 prep-age students in a room, and there will be a lot more focus on play than learning. That’s totally ok, because children actually learn very effectively through play. Some kids, however, struggle to focus on learning when they’re in a big group environment, and they can fall behind in some of the literacy and numeracy fundamentals.

That’s where private, personalised tuition comes in. We have tuition centres in Bondi, Earlwood, Maroubra and Mascot, and it’s a place where children can come and get the attention they need. It’s still heaps of fun, because that’s how young children learn best. But with individual tuition sessions, we’re able to help kids conquer the fundamentals they need to take with them on their education journey.

A Fun, Interactive Learning Environment

We know that children learn best when they’re engaged and having fun. That’s why we structure our tuition sessions with lots of interactive activities designed to help your children master the basics of literacy and numeracy. We don’t use generic teaching methods, because we know that every child learns differently.

Our primary school tutors work to your child’s individual needs, creating fun activities that help them learn. Prep tutoring is a great opportunity to enhance everything your child is learning in school.

Building Confidence with Tutoring

We love seeing a child’s confidence grow throughout their time with us. It’s partly due to the environment we create, and equally thanks to our caring tutors who really understand early childhood learning. Young children have a natural thirst for learning, and they love discovering new things. We fill them with the confidence to give things a try, and this helps them long after they finish tutoring with us.

At First Education we build passion and confidence in our students so they can conquer their goals!

To experience all this for yourself and your child, Contact Us to have a chat and organise a session!