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Meet the Tutors – Kiri Kondou

Harry Mav: Hey Kiri, ok let’s do this! So tell us a bit about yourself, you’re studying at the moment at university! Kiri Kondou: Hey Harry, yep indeed! So I’m finishing up a Bachelor of Science at UNSW and going to Sydney Uni afterwards to do a Masters in Nutrition and Dietetics. I actually was […]

Meet the Tutors – Mariah Stavrou

Harry Mav: Hey Mariah, great to speak with you! So, how do you feel about the tutoring that you do? Mariah Stavrou: I absolutely love it! I’ve been tutoring for three years now and it’s been a wonderful way to bring my love of learning to life and to share that with the students! HM: […]

Meet the Tutors – Eleni Emvalomas

Harry Mav: Hi Eleni, great to be speaking with you today! So you live the life of architectural student by day tutor by night? Eleni Emvalomas: Yep that’s right! I’m about to finish my Bachelor of Architecture at the University of Sydney and I enjoy every minute of my time with the kids in the […]