Meet the Tutors – Tegwen Philmara

Harry Mav: Hey Tegwen, thank you for your time today! Let’s start with uni, what are you studying at the moment?

Tegwen Philmara: I’m studying Commerce and Software Engineering at the University of Sydney currently in my 3rd year! Loving it, it’s challenging but rewarding!

HM: It must be! And you’ve always loved maths and the sciences from what I remember back when you were at school?

TP: That’s right! I came to First Ed as a student for Maths and Physics with Pana and John as my tutors, it’s great to be tutoring alongside them now!

HM: So cool. And tell us a bit about your time tutoring at First Education?

TP: I’ve been tutoring for 3 years now, I’ve been fortunate enough to have a wide range of students from Year 1 to Year 12.

HM: That’s awesome! And how has everything been going in that time?

TP: It has been amazing, I just had one of my Year 9 students who I’ve had since Year 7, it’s so fulfilling to see the change in attitude from a student who didn’t like school at all to someone who looks forward to coming and is now asking me questions without any sort of coercion!

HM: That’s why we do it! Where do you see yourself in the future?

TP: I want to work in the corporate world but I see myself ultimately working as a teacher, there’s nothing like the level of fulfilment and contribution you get from helping students learn!

HM: And a fun fact about yourself?

TP: I spent 3 years in Germany as a child and can speak fluent German!

Meet the Tutors – Isabella Naumovski

Harry Mav: Hey Isabella, great to speak with you! Let’s get right into it, so you used to come to First Ed as a student right?

Isabella Naumovski: That’s right, I still remember coming as a student with Jasmina and Harry Jnr. Pretty cool to be here now tutoring with them!

HM: I can imagine! And you’ve really thrown yourself into the tutoring I believe!

IN: Yes indeed, I’ve absolutely loved it and been doing it pretty much 7 days per week! It has been so rewarding to be inspiring my students and helping them feel comfortable with their work from school.

HM: That’s awesome! And what subjects and year levels have you been tutoring?

IN: I’ve had students from Kindy to Year 12, each student provides a different challenge and requires their own style of tutoring but being a part of each student’s learning journey is great in its own way!

HM: Beautiful. And what are you studying?

IN: I’m studying Nursing, it’s my other great passion. It’s not entirely different from tutoring, it’s another role which requires care, can be quite difficult but still very rewarding! I’ve been studying for the GAMSAT as well and am hoping to get into postgrad medicine after I finish the nursing degree.

HM: Wow you would make the best doctor, your patients would be lucky to have you as your students are now! And outside of your more professional life what do you do for fun?

IN: There isn’t a lot of time left over but I love to read! I’ve just finished November 9 which has been a really great read, it’s a thriller with comedy and romance, it has it all! Otherwise I love going to the beach and hanging out with friends and family.

Meet the Tutors – Katherine Petsoglou

Harry Mav: Hi Katherine, thank you for your time today! So tell us a bit about yourself, what are you up to in life?

Katherine Petsoglou: Pleasure! I’m in my fourth year of Commerce / Law at UNSW, tutoring, and living the dream!

HM: Always so positive, love it! And how are your studies?

KP: I’m finding the work challenging but enjoyable, I’m becoming more and more attracted to the law side of things! It’s hard to know where my career will take me but I want to look into either human rights law or corporate law going forward.

HM: Very interesting and relevant given the tragedies going on around the world. And you’ve been tutoring for a while now I believe?

KP: Yep I’ve been tutoring for 4 years now, I absolutely love it!! I’ve been focusing on students from Kindergarten to Year 10 in both Maths and English, it has been particularly great to see students progress over multiple years and to watch them develop both academically and as young people!

HM: Incredible! It’s beautiful too because not many educators get to be so directly involved over such a broad period of time. What have you found to be your favourite aspect of the tutoring?

KP: I just love that moment where the student realises they can do something that they didn’t realise was possible, that aha moment! I had it in my tutoring when I was a student and it’s an honour and a privilege to be there to facilitate that in my students.

HM: Amazing! And what do you do when you’re not tutoring or at uni?

KP: There isn’t too much of this time but I love to hang with family and friends!

Meet the Tutors – Anna Burch

Harry Mav: Hey Anna, wonderful to be doing this! So tell us, for how long have you been tutoring?

Anna Burch: Likewise Harry! I’ve been tutoring Maths for 12 years now, it has been a beloved part of my life for a long time now!

HM: That’s awesome! And from where did this love for maths and tutoring come from?

AB: I think if I track it back it’s my dad, he studied Maths at Cambridge and helped me to love it from a young age, I’ve always wanted to do the same for others!

HM: Cambridge, wow! And you were head girl back then in high school right? And since then you’ve got a few degrees if I’m not mistaken?

AB: Yes indeed! After school I did a Bachelor of Psychology and Commerce, I always loved the stats when no one else did (I should have known something was up from then)! Then I worked in corporate finance for a few years, then I’ve been at a marketing company since while currently studying teaching in secondary maths.

HM: You’ve been busy! And you’ve been with First Education for 5 years or so right?

AB: Yep it has been awesome! I’ve loved the opportunity to work with like minded people and to help students love maths as I do!

HM: Ah that’s beautiful! And where do you see yourself in 5 years?

AB: Well in hopefully less than 5 years I really want to go to Ghana to help out with my sponsor child over there that we have with St Nicholas Academy! More long term though I see myself teaching maths somewhere up in the Northern Beaches (I love being near the beach). Then settling down, having a family and all the fun, hopefully still tutoring and sharing my love of maths with others!

Meet the Tutors – Harry Jnr Mavrolefteros

Harry Mav: Hey Harry, so we should probably clarify to everyone how we’re not actually the same person!

Harry Jnr Mav: Yes indeed! We’re cousins with the exact same name.

HM: Hehe Greeks! Ok let’s get to it, so you’re studying at the moment?

HJM: Correct, I’m doing a Bachelor of Science in Maths at UNSW and loving it! Hard to say exactly but looking to get into Education or Finance going forward.

HM: Wonderful, great to hear! And what subjects are you tutoring?

HJM: I have students in Maths and Chemistry and am really getting into my element with the older students (especially Year 11 and 12 students). I love the feeling where I see a student not quite realise how capable they are (or how capable they can be) and once we work together they start to open up and soon achieve their potential!

HM: That’s amazing! And you’ve had an interesting journey since leaving school, tell us a little more about this.

HJM: Yes I studied Psychology, then got into an electrical apprenticeship, then got into accounting and mortgage broking, nothing really scratched the itch though and got me going! It is the tutoring that I have really loved and settled with and hopefully what I’m studying now will work in line with this!

HM: Great to hear! And what do you do usually do when you’re not studying or tutoring?

HJM: Ah well those definitely take up most of my time, it’s easy to do when you love your work and so you do a lot of it! But when I do have the opportunity I usually explore my hobbies which vary quite a bit, main ones being dancing and cooking!

Meet the Tutors – Karly Vouros

Harry Mav: Hey Karly, thank you for your time today! So tell us a bit about yourself, what are you studying at the moment at university?

Karly Vouros: Hey Harry! I’ve just finished a Bachelor of Sports and Exercise Science at UTS and am now doing a Masters of Secondary Teaching (PDHPE) at the University of Sydney.

HM: That’s awesome! And why did you change slightly to get into teaching?

KV: I wanted to work with young people! Providing tutoring has been incredible and I want to share my passion for health with students to help them develop healthy habits that they can keep their whole lives!

HM: Wow that’s so beautiful! And you’re something of an ambassador for good health yourself, you used to be an elite football player right?

KV: That’s right, I played football in the National Premier League Division 1 for 7 years! I was Captain of NSW teams a few times for both football and futsal. In 2013 I received Player of the Tournament at Nationals!

HM: Amazing achievements!! And I imagine you loved it?

KV: Yep definitely! I was on track to play professionally and it was a difficult decision not to pursue this. A lot of time has to be dedicated for training and I wanted to concentrate on studies and spending time with my family.

HM: Ah so wholesome! And just to return to the tutoring, what has been your favourite part of the past 4 years of tutoring?

KV: All of it! It has been so great to have the opportunity to work with students and help them to understand that they can do more than they realise they can! It’s so rewarding to see them each week learn and develop themselves and I’m proud of all my students for all the work they put into our sessions!

Meet the Tutors – Peter Katsoulas

Harry Mav: Hey Peter, great to see you today as always! So let’s start with your studies, what are you doing at the moment?

Peter Katsoulas: Thanks Harry, you too! I’m studying Secondary Education with my areas being maths and religion, really enjoying it! I just did my first prac and had such a wonderful experience learning so much about teaching and it’s awesome that I can bring that experience to my tutoring.

HM: Wonderful to hear! And is there an element of your teaching or tutoring that you found you enjoyed the most in your prac?

PK: Probably teaching or tutoring senior maths students. I love how I could really get into a deep understanding of what maths is and why we would bother studying it, it’s something that I really connected with as a student years ago and it’s probably one of the main reasons why I want to be a teacher to share this with others!

HM: That’s beautiful! And outside of work and uni what do you do with your time?

PK: There isn’t too much of it but when I have the time I’m usually either at the gym, playing video games or hanging with friends.

HM: Very cool. And just coming to the tutoring now what is it that you like most about being with your students?

PK: This would have to be those moments where I see myself in the students and we get excited together about the maths, we get deeper into what’s going on and really get into why something is the way it is. I love these times when I can lead the lesson so that students want to learn and we’re doing that together!

HM: That’s beautiful! And finally, where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

PK: Teaching and hopefully with a family!

Meet the Tutors – Marie Sfinas

Harry Mav: Hey Marie, thank you for your time today! Let’s get right into it, what are you studying at university?

Marie Sfinas: Hey! I’m studying Education / Arts at Sydney Uni.

HM: Brilliant, and what are your teaching areas?

MS: History and Geography! I’ve always loved History and Geography I’ve come to really appreciate, I believe it’s so important that we understand how things came to be the way they are now in terms of both the human world (through the study of History) and the natural world (through the study of Geography).

HM: Very wise! And you’re doing your placements at the moment?

MS: Yep I’ve been going to schools and getting some invaluable experience teaching the students there! It’s just great to be helping students and working on being a better teacher and tutor!

HM: Amazing stuff! And you’ve been tutoring for a while now right?

MS: Correct, almost 5 years! It’s awesome to see the students grow over this time, unfortunately school teachers usually see their students for a year, two years max and then the rest is done at a distance, it has been wonderful seeing my students grow as learners and as people over this extended period of time.

HM: It is indeed a privilege and an honour! And outside of uni and tutoring how do you usually spend your time?

MS: I love the outdoors, lots of beach and gym and hanging with friends. I’ve also been getting into baking which I’m really enjoying because I can find healthier versions of yummy recipes. Recently too I’ve started doing a 10k steps per day and raising funds for breast cancer.

Meet the Tutors – Corine Hanna

Harry Mav: Hey Corine, let’s do this! So let’s start with you studies, what are you studying at the moment at university:

Corine Hanna: Hey Harry, I’m studying Health Science at University of Sydney, majoring in Anatomy and Histology. I’m sitting the GAMSAT as we go and looking to get into post grad medicine in the not so distant future.

HM: Incredible, the world will be a better place with Dr Hanna around! And what subjects do you cover in your tutoring?

CH: I tutor Maths, Science, Biology and Business Studies. I have also been working on the notes that we have for the Maths Standard course which I’ve found very rewarding. I guess most of all though I just love being there for the students, seeing what they want and are capable of and helping them achieve their goals!

HM: Beautiful! And I hear you’re the youngest member on the medical imaging team in hospital and were once the vice captain of your high school, do you think you use this leadership experience with your students?

CH: I think so! I really try to relate to every student to understand what they’re going through and find similarities with my life to try and help them overcome their obstacles as they arise. Yes it’s important to work on their Maths or their Science but I think it’s so important to understand each student’s mind most of all, to determine what makes them tick and work to inspire them in their learning!

HM: Sounds awesome. And outside of uni studies and tutoring what do you get up to when you have some time?

CH: I’m quite involved in the Lebanese society at uni which is great for meeting new people! I’ve been playing a bit of tennis as well and just having lunch with my family, it’s amazing how easy it is to take their company for granted!

Meet the Tutors – Paul Langlands

Harry Mav: Hey Paul, thank you for your time today! Well let’s start with the obvious, how long have you been tutoring and what subjects do you tutor?

Paul Langlands: Hi Harry, great to speak with you! I’ve been tutoring for 3 years now and loved every minute! I specialise in Maths, Physics and Chemistry.

HM: Amazing! And what are you studying?

PL: I’m in my final year of Advanced Science majoring in Physics and Chemistry at UNSW. My plan after this is to do honours and then doing a PHD in Physics and moving into lecturing or research.

HM: Wow so hardcore! The world could definitely use more academics and lecturers like you!And outside of uni how do you usually spend your time?

PL: Tutoring and creating resources a lot! But if you mean in terms of leisure, I play computer games and read books about science history.

HM: Fascinating! And are there particular scientists you like or lessons to be learnt from stufying science history?

PL: I’m particularly interested in the scientists that came up with Quantum Theory like Max Plank and Niels Bohr. And Richard Feynman is just inspiring in the way he makes things flow and simple to understand. It’s something I’ve been implementing in the HSC Program I’ve been developing for Physics.

HM: You’ve certainly made some incredible resources here for your students! And finally your tattoos are low key awesome, what was the inspiration behind your first one?

PL: My first tattoo was actually the exact same one that my grandfather had, I also have a twin brother and he got the exact same one but just in a different colour.