Meet the Tutors – Paul Langlands

Harry Mav: Hey Paul, thank you for your time today! Well let’s start with the obvious, how long have you been tutoring and what subjects do you tutor?

Paul Langlands: Hi Harry, great to speak with you! I’ve been tutoring for 3 years now and loved every minute! I specialise in Maths, Physics and Chemistry.

HM: Amazing! And what are you studying?

PL: I’m in my final year of Advanced Science majoring in Physics and Chemistry at UNSW. My plan after this is to do honours and then doing a PHD in Physics and moving into lecturing or research.

HM: Wow so hardcore! The world could definitely use more academics and lecturers like you!And outside of uni how do you usually spend your time?

PL: Tutoring and creating resources a lot! But if you mean in terms of leisure, I play computer games and read books about science history.

HM: Fascinating! And are there particular scientists you like or lessons to be learnt from stufying science history?

PL: I’m particularly interested in the scientists that came up with Quantum Theory like Max Plank and Niels Bohr. And Richard Feynman is just inspiring in the way he makes things flow and simple to understand. It’s something I’ve been implementing in the HSC Program I’ve been developing for Physics.

HM: You’ve certainly made some incredible resources here for your students! And finally your tattoos are low key awesome, what was the inspiration behind your first one?

PL: My first tattoo was actually the exact same one that my grandfather had, I also have a twin brother and he got the exact same one but just in a different colour.