Meet the Tutors – Corine Hanna

Harry Mav: Hey Corine, let’s do this! So let’s start with you studies, what are you studying at the moment at university:

Corine Hanna: Hey Harry, I’m studying Health Science at University of Sydney, majoring in Anatomy and Histology. I’m sitting the GAMSAT as we go and looking to get into post grad medicine in the not so distant future.

HM: Incredible, the world will be a better place with Dr Hanna around! And what subjects do you cover in your tutoring?

CH: I tutor Maths, Science, Biology and Business Studies. I have also been working on the notes that we have for the Maths Standard course which I’ve found very rewarding. I guess most of all though I just love being there for the students, seeing what they want and are capable of and helping them achieve their goals!

HM: Beautiful! And I hear you’re the youngest member on the medical imaging team in hospital and were once the vice captain of your high school, do you think you use this leadership experience with your students?

CH: I think so! I really try to relate to every student to understand what they’re going through and find similarities with my life to try and help them overcome their obstacles as they arise. Yes it’s important to work on their Maths or their Science but I think it’s so important to understand each student’s mind most of all, to determine what makes them tick and work to inspire them in their learning!

HM: Sounds awesome. And outside of uni studies and tutoring what do you get up to when you have some time?

CH: I’m quite involved in the Lebanese society at uni which is great for meeting new people! I’ve been playing a bit of tennis as well and just having lunch with my family, it’s amazing how easy it is to take their company for granted!