Meet the Tutors – Bence Zayzon

Harry Mav: Hey Bence, hope you’ve been well now that lockdown is over! Tell us a bit about yourself?

Bence Zayzon: Hey Harry, all is going well, looking forward to getting out again! I’ve been tutoring at the Maroubra Centre for the past four years and just finished a Bachelor of Aerospace Engineering at UNSW. It has been quite challenging but super interesting, great to have some free time now!

HM: That’s amazing! And what’s the plan for the next stage of your life?

BZ: I’ve been accepted as an Aerospace Engineering Officer in the Royal Australian Air Force which has been a long term dream of mine for many years!

HM: Wow, that sounds like it must have been super competitive! Do you think your time tutoring has contributed to this somehow?

BZ: Yes definitely! Tutoring has developed me in so many ways including leadership, mentorship and teamwork! It has been the best role ever, super rewarding and super fun. Every day is just a little different with new challenges to overcome!

HM: Incredible! And is there a specific ethos you’ve carried through your tutoring?

BZ: I’ve always tried to keep the learning fun and light hearted, making sure the students enjoy the process as well as learning along the way! It’s just great to see students without much confidence start to love their subject and improve their marks drastically!

HM: Very cool. And what other facets of your life play a big role?

BZ: Gym and exercise is a big part of what I do too! I set up a home gym during lockdown which has really kept me going!