Meet the Tutors – Mariah Stavrou

Harry Mav: Hey Mariah, great to speak with you! So, how do you feel about the tutoring that you do?

Mariah Stavrou: I absolutely love it! I’ve been tutoring for three years now and it’s been a wonderful way to bring my love of learning to life and to share that with the students!

HM: Wow! And you’ve had this love of learning since you were a kid?

MS: Yep as far back as I can remember I’ve loved learning and really enjoyed the whole process of understanding new things. I tutor now in both Maths and English and it’s amazing to be able to bring about the same love of learning in the students so they feel it too.

HM: Great to hear! And is there an example of this that comes to mind?

MS: One of my most memorable moments with students is seeing their confidence skyrocket by the time they graduate year 12. A lot of them get intimidated when they see the quality of writing that their older siblings achieved in their HSC, but then impress themselves when they reach the same quality by their HSC.

HM: Must be a wonderful feeling! And what are you studying at the moment?

MS: I’m studying Medical Science at UNSW and I want to get into further study from here. I would gladly go into research or academia and can see myself studying for the rest of my life!

HM: Wow not many people say that, most people don’t particularly enjoy the studying and the preparing for exams but it’s awesome that you feel that way. And what do you do in your spare time?

MS: It’s a bit embarrassing but I read books in most of my spare time! I’m really into historical fiction at the moment, really enjoying it.