Meet the Tutors – Kiri Kondou

Harry Mav: Hey Kiri, ok let’s do this! So tell us a bit about yourself, you’re studying at the moment at university!

Kiri Kondou: Hey Harry, yep indeed! So I’m finishing up a Bachelor of Science at UNSW and going to Sydney Uni afterwards to do a Masters in Nutrition and Dietetics. I actually was doing Commerce and Science, but eventually realised my true passion lied with science and health. I really love what I’m studying now and can’t wait to be working in a clinical setting learning more about my field.

HM: Wonderful to hear! And you tutor Maths and Biology, do you think your studying supplements and supports your abilities as a tutor?

KK: Most certainly, I’ve learnt a lot more about especially Biology at uni so I can really help the kids that want to delve deeper. It also really helps to remain a student while I’m tutoring because it means I can more easily put myself in the students’ shoes and understand more what they’re going through.

HM: Very good point! And what has been the high point of your tutoring so far in the past few years?

KK: The high point has to be when students start to really understand their abilities and surprise even themselves. I have a Year 12 student now that was getting 20% when she first came to us and now has consistently been ranking top 3 in her year group! It’s amazing to be able to provide a student with that sort of confidence and change!

HM: Ah wow, definitely! And I guess finally what do you do when you’re not at uni or tutoring in your spare time?

KK: I absolutely love reading! Any kind of mystery fiction series will have me occupied for hours, but lately I’ve been getting really into motivational books. Just finished “The Power of Now”, would highly recommend!