Meet the Tutors – Eleni Emvalomas

Harry Mav: Hi Eleni, great to be speaking with you today! So you live the life of architectural student by day tutor by night?

Eleni Emvalomas: Yep that’s right! I’m about to finish my Bachelor of Architecture at the University of Sydney and I enjoy every minute of my time with the kids in the evenings!

HM: Great to hear! And what are your plans once you’ve finished your degree?

EE: I want to further my studies specifically looking into urban and regional planning and hopefully get some more experience in the field.

HM: And you’ve already had some experience?

EE: I went to Italy recently to complete some additional research on the construction of canal systems in Venice, it was a challenging and very rewarding experience!

HM: And I imagine it must feel this way with tutoring at times, how does it feel while you’re tutoring your students?

EE: I thoroughly enjoy it, in fact often I find myself feeling privileged that I’m able to contribute in some way to the education and lives of these students. I must say the higher levels of English and Modern History are probably my favourite to tutor. I find it is super important to understand and empathise with each student and what stage they are at in their learning journey in to really see massive growth in the students’ confidence and results.

HM: Very cool. And outside of tutoring and uni what do you do in your (limited) free time?

EE: Ah free time! I love to read actually, I do a lot of reading of philosophy books and thinking about the concepts that others have been thinking about in generations. I actually think it’s a great thing to be bringing up with the students as well, we often discuss fairly deep concepts and it’s great to see the kids really get it!