Meet the Tutors – Kerryanne Syros

Harry Mav: Hi Kerryanne, thank you for taking the time out to have a chat today! So tell us a bit about yourself!

Kerryanne Syros: Hi Harry, of course! I’m in my final year of a Bachelor of Education / Bachelor of Arts at UNSW majoring in English and Legal Studies. And I have been very lucky to be tutoring at First Education for the last four years!

HM: Ah we’ve been lucky to have you! And what subjects and year levels to you tutor?

KS: Well obviously English and Legal Studies (that’s what I’m studying to teach) but also Business Studies and Modern History. And over the years I’ve taken students of all year levels from K to Year 12, I’ve enjoyed both the younger and older students! Any time when I feel like the student thinks they can’t do something but then we work at it and they suddenly surprise themselves – that’s the best!

HM: 100%! And what are your plans for the future?

KS: Well I want to either start full time teaching next year or even do further studies in Education. It has been an amazing experience supporting and extending students and I would love to delve into it further!

HM: Amazing! And when you’re not studying or tutoring what do you do?

KS: Hehe there isn’t a lot of that time but I guess when I have free time I go to dance classes or to the gym. I’m also getting into interior and exterior design, even architecture!

HM: Ah that’s pretty cool!! And finally have you noticed that COVID has had a big impact on your life this past year?

KS: Not really. I’ve just kept my head down and worked and studied!