Meet the Tutors – Jasmina Harrar

Harry Mav: Hi Jasmina, thank you for your time today!! So let’s get right into it, what do you spend most of your time doing in life?

Jasmina Harrar: Thank you Harry! So as well as tutoring at the Earlwood Centre I am in my final year of Commerce and Law, and I try to squeeze in as much recreation in there as I can!

HM: How are you enjoying your course?

JH: I love it! It has been very challenging and definitely keeps me on my toes but it has really confirmed that I want to pursue my career in law going forward! There’s always a lot to juggle but I find if I keep on top of everything and plan effectively then it all ends well.

HM: Amazing! Ok and what subjects have you been tutoring the past few years?

JH: I’ve been tutoring students in English, Economics and Legal studies. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time tutoring, it’s great to be in an environment where every time you do a session it’s a different experience, a unique opportunity to support one of my students!

HM: It is great indeed! And you’ve preferred younger or older students?

JH: Both have been very rewarding but I must say the older students, especially the HSC students. I feel I can make so much of a difference in such a short time!

HM: And indeed that you have done! And finally what is it that you are usually doing in these recreation hours?

JH: There aren’t many but basically Oz tag, dance classes and personal training, specifically weight lifting. The weight lifting in particular I’ve enjoyed because I can set myself a goal and take actions to achieve a very measurable result! COVID has changed all this the past few weeks but I’m still trying to find the right balance in life as much as possible.