Meet the Tutors – Aaron Kostantakis

Harry Mav: Hi Aaron, great to see you today! So let’s start with your studies, what degree are you doing at the moment?

Aaron Kostantakis: Hi Harry, so I’m currently studying a Bachelor of Creative Intelligence and Innovation / Bachelor of Business at UTS in my final year. I really enjoy it, it sounds like a mouthful but it’s all about solving problems that require out of the box solutions.

HM: That sounds super cool! And what do you do outside of uni?

AK: Well I’ve been trying to get into the workforce, I recently did an internship with Deloitte which was really invaluable. Outside of work I try to get involved in as many activities as possible but specifically I’m very into skiing when the weather permits, and spear fishing! My Dad introduced me to spear fishing and it’s something I really enjoy!

HM: Great to hear! And this is your fifth year of tutoring I believe, what subjects and Year levels do you tutor?

AK: I tutor English for all students (Primary and High School) and Maths for Primary school students. I love both maths and English but really I love getting to know students and understanding what works best for each!

HM: I don’t know if you remember this but I had the honour of tutoring you over a decade ago when you were in primary school, I remember you as very polite and extremely switched on! What has been your favourite part of providing tutoring to your students?

AK: I do remember! My journey as a tutor has been amazing, it is awesome to see students progress over a number of years and to see them achieve things they didn’t realise were possible! I’ve had a number of students for over four years now and seeing their growth over this time is just incredible!!