Meet the Tutors – Katherine Petsoglou

Harry Mav: Hi Katherine, thank you for your time today! So tell us a bit about yourself, what are you up to in life?

Katherine Petsoglou: Pleasure! I’m in my fourth year of Commerce / Law at UNSW, tutoring, and living the dream!

HM: Always so positive, love it! And how are your studies?

KP: I’m finding the work challenging but enjoyable, I’m becoming more and more attracted to the law side of things! It’s hard to know where my career will take me but I want to look into either human rights law or corporate law going forward.

HM: Very interesting and relevant given the tragedies going on around the world. And you’ve been tutoring for a while now I believe?

KP: Yep I’ve been tutoring for 4 years now, I absolutely love it!! I’ve been focusing on students from Kindergarten to Year 10 in both Maths and English, it has been particularly great to see students progress over multiple years and to watch them develop both academically and as young people!

HM: Incredible! It’s beautiful too because not many educators get to be so directly involved over such a broad period of time. What have you found to be your favourite aspect of the tutoring?

KP: I just love that moment where the student realises they can do something that they didn’t realise was possible, that aha moment! I had it in my tutoring when I was a student and it’s an honour and a privilege to be there to facilitate that in my students.

HM: Amazing! And what do you do when you’re not tutoring or at uni?

KP: There isn’t too much of this time but I love to hang with family and friends!