Meet the Tutors – Isabella Naumovski

Harry Mav: Hey Isabella, great to speak with you! Let’s get right into it, so you used to come to First Ed as a student right?

Isabella Naumovski: That’s right, I still remember coming as a student with Jasmina and Harry Jnr. Pretty cool to be here now tutoring with them!

HM: I can imagine! And you’ve really thrown yourself into the tutoring I believe!

IN: Yes indeed, I’ve absolutely loved it and been doing it pretty much 7 days per week! It has been so rewarding to be inspiring my students and helping them feel comfortable with their work from school.

HM: That’s awesome! And what subjects and year levels have you been tutoring?

IN: I’ve had students from Kindy to Year 12, each student provides a different challenge and requires their own style of tutoring but being a part of each student’s learning journey is great in its own way!

HM: Beautiful. And what are you studying?

IN: I’m studying Nursing, it’s my other great passion. It’s not entirely different from tutoring, it’s another role which requires care, can be quite difficult but still very rewarding! I’ve been studying for the GAMSAT as well and am hoping to get into postgrad medicine after I finish the nursing degree.

HM: Wow you would make the best doctor, your patients would be lucky to have you as your students are now! And outside of your more professional life what do you do for fun?

IN: There isn’t a lot of time left over but I love to read! I’ve just finished November 9 which has been a really great read, it’s a thriller with comedy and romance, it has it all! Otherwise I love going to the beach and hanging out with friends and family.