Meet the Tutors – Anna Burch

Harry Mav: Hey Anna, wonderful to be doing this! So tell us, for how long have you been tutoring?

Anna Burch: Likewise Harry! I’ve been tutoring Maths for 12 years now, it has been a beloved part of my life for a long time now!

HM: That’s awesome! And from where did this love for maths and tutoring come from?

AB: I think if I track it back it’s my dad, he studied Maths at Cambridge and helped me to love it from a young age, I’ve always wanted to do the same for others!

HM: Cambridge, wow! And you were head girl back then in high school right? And since then you’ve got a few degrees if I’m not mistaken?

AB: Yes indeed! After school I did a Bachelor of Psychology and Commerce, I always loved the stats when no one else did (I should have known something was up from then)! Then I worked in corporate finance for a few years, then I’ve been at a marketing company since while currently studying teaching in secondary maths.

HM: You’ve been busy! And you’ve been with First Education for 5 years or so right?

AB: Yep it has been awesome! I’ve loved the opportunity to work with like minded people and to help students love maths as I do!

HM: Ah that’s beautiful! And where do you see yourself in 5 years?

AB: Well in hopefully less than 5 years I really want to go to Ghana to help out with my sponsor child over there that we have with St Nicholas Academy! More long term though I see myself teaching maths somewhere up in the Northern Beaches (I love being near the beach). Then settling down, having a family and all the fun, hopefully still tutoring and sharing my love of maths with others!