Meet the Tutors – Harry Jnr Mavrolefteros

Harry Mav: Hey Harry, so we should probably clarify to everyone how we’re not actually the same person!

Harry Jnr Mav: Yes indeed! We’re cousins with the exact same name.

HM: Hehe Greeks! Ok let’s get to it, so you’re studying at the moment?

HJM: Correct, I’m doing a Bachelor of Science in Maths at UNSW and loving it! Hard to say exactly but looking to get into Education or Finance going forward.

HM: Wonderful, great to hear! And what subjects are you tutoring?

HJM: I have students in Maths and Chemistry and am really getting into my element with the older students (especially Year 11 and 12 students). I love the feeling where I see a student not quite realise how capable they are (or how capable they can be) and once we work together they start to open up and soon achieve their potential!

HM: That’s amazing! And you’ve had an interesting journey since leaving school, tell us a little more about this.

HJM: Yes I studied Psychology, then got into an electrical apprenticeship, then got into accounting and mortgage broking, nothing really scratched the itch though and got me going! It is the tutoring that I have really loved and settled with and hopefully what I’m studying now will work in line with this!

HM: Great to hear! And what do you do usually do when you’re not studying or tutoring?

HJM: Ah well those definitely take up most of my time, it’s easy to do when you love your work and so you do a lot of it! But when I do have the opportunity I usually explore my hobbies which vary quite a bit, main ones being dancing and cooking!