Meet the Tutors – Karly Vouros

Harry Mav: Hey Karly, thank you for your time today! So tell us a bit about yourself, what are you studying at the moment at university?

Karly Vouros: Hey Harry! I’ve just finished a Bachelor of Sports and Exercise Science at UTS and am now doing a Masters of Secondary Teaching (PDHPE) at the University of Sydney.

HM: That’s awesome! And why did you change slightly to get into teaching?

KV: I wanted to work with young people! Providing tutoring has been incredible and I want to share my passion for health with students to help them develop healthy habits that they can keep their whole lives!

HM: Wow that’s so beautiful! And you’re something of an ambassador for good health yourself, you used to be an elite football player right?

KV: That’s right, I played football in the National Premier League Division 1 for 7 years! I was Captain of NSW teams a few times for both football and futsal. In 2013 I received Player of the Tournament at Nationals!

HM: Amazing achievements!! And I imagine you loved it?

KV: Yep definitely! I was on track to play professionally and it was a difficult decision not to pursue this. A lot of time has to be dedicated for training and I wanted to concentrate on studies and spending time with my family.

HM: Ah so wholesome! And just to return to the tutoring, what has been your favourite part of the past 4 years of tutoring?

KV: All of it! It has been so great to have the opportunity to work with students and help them to understand that they can do more than they realise they can! It’s so rewarding to see them each week learn and develop themselves and I’m proud of all my students for all the work they put into our sessions!