Meet the Tutors – Amelia Chichester

Harry Mav: Hey Amelia, great to see you! So this is your 5th year of tutoring at First Ed?

Amelia Chichester: That’s right! I’ve absolutely loved my time here tutoring the students, it’s been great to see the students grow both academically and as young men and women over the years!

HM: It is a great blessing indeed! How long has it been for your longest student?

AC: 4 years now, we started in Year 6 and he is now in Year 9. With two students in fact!

HM: Wow! And you’re studying at the moment, doing your Masters right?

AC: Yep I’m doing my Masters in Public Health after having done a Bachelor of Science (Immunobiology). I want to then use this to raise awareness for health issues – in fact it’s my work as a tutor that has made me realise I have a love for education and I’d like to combine the health and education somehow in my career.

HM: That’s awesome! So how could you do this?

AC: I guess it would be around preventative measures that we can take to stop diseases like HIV and malaria. Looking forward to that one day soon!

HM: And what other hobbies do you have?

AC: I run a bit. I’ve been doing the half marathon for a few years now.

HM: Haha just a casual 21km of running. Do you run the whole time? What’s your best time?

AC: I wasn’t running the whole time originally but recently I’ve been really pushing myself. My fastest time is 2 hours and 15 minutes, I’m always trying to beat my previous time. I guess if you train enough and really put your mind to it you can achieve anything!