Meet the Tutors – Marie Sfinas

Harry Mav: Hey Marie, thank you for your time today! Let’s get right into it, what are you studying at university?

Marie Sfinas: Hey! I’m studying Education / Arts at Sydney Uni.

HM: Brilliant, and what are your teaching areas?

MS: History and Geography! I’ve always loved History and Geography I’ve come to really appreciate, I believe it’s so important that we understand how things came to be the way they are now in terms of both the human world (through the study of History) and the natural world (through the study of Geography).

HM: Very wise! And you’re doing your placements at the moment?

MS: Yep I’ve been going to schools and getting some invaluable experience teaching the students there! It’s just great to be helping students and working on being a better teacher and tutor!

HM: Amazing stuff! And you’ve been tutoring for a while now right?

MS: Correct, almost 5 years! It’s awesome to see the students grow over this time, unfortunately school teachers usually see their students for a year, two years max and then the rest is done at a distance, it has been wonderful seeing my students grow as learners and as people over this extended period of time.

HM: It is indeed a privilege and an honour! And outside of uni and tutoring how do you usually spend your time?

MS: I love the outdoors, lots of beach and gym and hanging with friends. I’ve also been getting into baking which I’m really enjoying because I can find healthier versions of yummy recipes. Recently too I’ve started doing a 10k steps per day and raising funds for breast cancer.