Meet the Tutors – Steven Kassiou

Harry Mav: Hey Steven, so tell us a bit about yourself, what are you studying at uni?

Steven Kassiou: Hey! I’m studying Mechatronic Engineering and Commerce!

HM: Wow, five and a half years?

SK: Yep!

HM: Ok wow, and somehow you have time to be President of the UNSW Hellenic Society! I remember this from 10 years ago!

SK: Indeed, I was president last year, it was an amazing opportunity to give back to the community and contribute to students’ lives.

HM: And outside of that, you’ve been coaching football I hear?

SK: I’ve been coaching for 2 years now and playing for 16 years, I love playing and sharing football! Basically it’s either football, uni, tutoring or reading.

HM: Awesome. What types of books do you read?

SK: I read mainly non fiction books regarding our psychology. Books around how to be a better person. I’m reading a book called Drive by Daniel Pink now, it talks about how to motivate yourself and others.

HM: Fascinating. And with your tutoring, how has that been going?

SK: So I’ve been tutoring Maths and Physics now for four years, it’s the best! I really cherish the ability to help other people, it’s such a meaningful service which is a win win for everyone. The kids are able to reinforce what they learn at school and it’s so fulfilling for us tutors to mentor and guide the students. I always try to take every opportunity to strategically encourage the students and work with them to really bring out the best they can possibly do!