Who are we?

At First Education we build passion and confidence in our students so they can conquer their goals! We offer personalised, one on one tuition for all students from K – Year 12. All subjects can be explored with our tutors too, not just the basic ones. We certainly offer tuition in Maths and English, but our Sydney tutors help with all subjects!!

We offer face to face sessions at one of our Centres (Bondi, Earlwood, MaroubraMascot or Randwick) and we’re open every day!

Unlike other tutoring services in Sydney, we really get to know your child’s needs. That way, we can pair them up with one on one tutors who are best suited. Students get the help they really need, because our sessions are highly personalised!

Personalised One on One Tuition

We do things a little differently at First Education. Why? Because we’ve found that our method works best. Group tutoring sessions don’t really give your child the attention they need. Home tutoring can work, but distractions often affect the learning process.

We’ve established a great learning environment in our tuition centres at Bondi, Earlwood, Maroubra and Mascot. It’s all still one on one, but without the distractions and familiarity of home. We offer session 7 days a week, too, making it easier to fit tutoring into your busy lives.

Year 11 and 12 Tuition

Developing Lifelong Learning Skills

We don’t just want your child to memorise maths problems before a test. We want to truly inspire a love of learning. Often, growing to love learning is all about confidence, so we work to boost your child’s self-esteem. Improved results are our goal, but we’ve seen how confidence can fuel those improved results.

If we can turn your child into a lifelong learner, we’ll be happy with what we’ve achieved. It’s all about teaching skills that can benefit your child right throughout their education, and indeed their life.