Year 11 Physics HSC Program

Year 11 Physics HSC Program

The First Education HSC Physics Program is intended for the purpose of guiding HSC students through their HSC Physics studies at a slightly faster rate than what they are likely to experience in the classroom. The program combines learning in small groups, interacting individually with the tutor, doing homework, and experiencing exam style conditions to allow each student to build their passion and confidence in their physics to conquer their goals!! 

Cost of Small Group Sessions – $108 per 2 hour session. 

Bondi Centre            Wednesdays 6-8pm     
Earlwood Centre      Contact us to submit time preferences    
Maroubra Centre     Contact us to submit time preferences    
Mascot Centre          Contact us to submit time preferences    
Randwick Centre     Contact us to submit time preferences 

Physics HSC Program July Holidays 2024

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Structure of each weekly session (2 hours)
30 minsGoing through homework
30 minsSession 1 content
5 minsQuick break / Game
30 minsSession 2 content
25 minsQuestions on Session 1 and 2 content



Year 10 Term 4
Week 1Motion in a Straight Line A
Week 2Motion in a Straight Line B
Week 3Motion in a Straight Line C
Week 4Revision
Week 5Motion in a Plane A
Week 6Motion in a Plane B
Week 7Revision
Week 8Module 1 Revision 
Week 9Forces A
Week 10Forces B
Year 11 Term 1
Hols 1Revision 
Hols 2Forces, Acceleration and Energy A
Week 1Forces, Acceleration and Energy B
Week 2Revision
Week 3Momentum, Energy and Systems A
Week 4Momentum, Energy and Systems B
Week 5Revision
Week 6Module 2 Revision 
Week 7Wave Properties
Week 8Wave Behaviour 
Week 9Sound Waves 
Week 10Revision
Year 11 Term 2
Hols 1Ray Model of Light A
Hols 2Ray Model of Light B
Week 1Ray Model of Light C
Week 2Revision
Week 3Module 3 Revision
Week 4Electrostatics A
Week 5Electrostatics B
Week 6Electrostatics C
Week 7Revision
Week 8Electric Circuits A
Week 9Electric Circuits B
Week 10Revision
Year 11 Term 3
Hols 1Module 4 Revision 
Hols 2Preliminary Revision 
Week 1Preliminary Revision
Week 2Preliminary Revision
Week 3Preliminary Revision
Week 4Preliminary Revision
Week 5Projectile Motion A
Week 6Projectile Motion B
Week 7Revision
Week 8Circular Motion A
Week 9Circular Motion B
Week 10Induction B
Year 11 Term 4
Hols 1Gravitational Motion A
Hols 2Gravitational Motion B
Week 1Revision
Week 2Module 5 Revision
Week 3Charged Particles A
Week 4Charged Particles B
Week 5Revision 
Week 6Induction A
Week 7Induction B
Week 8Revision
Week 9Motors and Generators A
Week 10Revision
Year 12 Term 1
Hols 1Module 6 Revision 
Hols 2Electromagnetic Waves 
Week 1Light Models A
Week 2Light Models B
Week 3Light Models C
Week 4Revision 
Week 5Relativity A
Week 6Relativity B
Week 7Relativity C
Week 8Revision
Week 9Module 7 Revision
Week 10Origins of Elements A
Year 12 Term 2
Hols 1Origins of Elements B
Hols 2Revision
Week 1Quantum Nature of the Atom A
Week 2Quantum Nature of the Atom B
Week 3Quantum Nature of the Atom C
Week 4Revision
Week 5Properties of the Nucleus A
Week 6Properties of the Nucleus B
Week 7Revision 
Week 8Deep Inside the Atom A
Week 9Revision 
Week 10Module 8 Revision 


At First Education we build passion and confidence in our students so they can conquer their goals!

To experience all this for yourself and your child, Contact Us to have a chat and organise a session!