Year 11 Maths Extension 1 HSC Program

Year 11 Maths Extension 1 HSC Program

The First Education HSC Mathematics Extension 1 (3 Unit) Program is intended for the purpose of guiding HSC students through their HSC Maths studies at a slightly faster rate than what they are likely to experience in the classroom. The program combines learning in small groups, interacting individually with the tutor, doing homework, and experiencing exam style conditions to allow each student to build their passion and confidence in their maths to conquer their goals!! 

Cost of Small Group Sessions – $108 per 2 hour session.

Bondi Centre            Mondays 4-6pm
Earlwood Centre      Contact us to submit time preferences
Maroubra Centre      Wednesdays 6-8pm
Mascot Centre           Contact us to submit time preferences
Randwick Centre     Contact us to submit time preferences

Maths Extension 1 HSC Program July Holidays 2024

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Structure of each weekly session (2 hours)
30 mins Going through homework
30 mins Session 1 content
5 mins Quick break / Game
30 mins Session 2 content
25 mins Questions on Session 1 and 2 content
Year 10 Term 4
Week 1 Methods in Algebra A
Week 2 Methods in Algebra B
Week 3 Revision
Week 4 Numbers and Surds A
Week 5 Functions and Graphs A
Week 6 Functions and Graphs B
Week 7 Functions and Graphs C
Week 8 Revision
Week 9 Transformations and Symetry A
Week 10 Transormations and Symetry B
Year 11 Term 1
Hols 1Revision
Hols 2Further Graphs A
Week 1Further Graphs B
Week 2Revision
Week 3Trigonometry A
Week 4Trigonometry B
Week 5Trigonometry C
Week 6Revision
Week 7Coordinate Plane A
Week 8Expos and Logs A
Week 9Expos and Logs B
Week 10Revision
Year 11 Term 2
Hols 1 Calculus A
Hols 2 Calculus B
Week 1 Calculus C
Week 2 Revision
Week 3 Polynomials A
Week 4 Polynomials B
Week 5 e and Radians A
Week 6 e and Radians B
Week 7 Revision
Week 8 Probability A
Week 9 Probability B
Week 10 Discrete Prob Dist A
Year 11 Term 3
Hols 1Combinatorics A
Hols 2Combinatorics B
Week 1Binomial Theorem A
Week 2Further Rates A
Week 3Further Trig A
Week 4Further Trig B
Week 5Further Trig C
Week 6Revision
Week 7Seq and Series A
Week 8Seq and Series B
Week 9Revision
Week 10Math Induction A
Year 11 Term 4
Hols 1 Graphs and Equations A
Hols 2 Graphs and Equations B
Week 1 Revision
Week 2 Curve Sketching with Deriv. A
Week 3 Curve Sketching with Deriv. B
Week 4 Curve Sketching with Deriv. C
Week 5 Revision
Week 6 Integration A
Week 7 Integration B
Week 8 Revision
Week 9 Calculus with Expos and Logs A
Week 10 Calculus with Expos and Logs B
Year 12 Term 1
Hols 1Calculus with Trig A
Hols 2Calculus with Trig B
Week 1Revision
Week 2Vectors A
Week 3Vectors B
Week 4Vectors C
Week 5Revision
Week 6Projectile Motion A
Week 7Projectile Motion B
Week 8Further Calculus A
Week 9Further Calculus B
Week 10Revision
Year 12 Term 2
Hols 1Differential Equations A
Hols 2Differential Equations B
Week 1Differential Equations C
Week 2Revision
Week 3Finance A
Week 4Finance B
Week 5Revision
Week 6Displaying and Interp. Data A
Week 7Revision
Week 8Continuous Probability A
Week 9Binomial Distributions A
Week 10Revision

At First Education we build passion and confidence in our students so they can conquer their goals!

To experience all this for yourself and your child, Contact Us to have a chat and organise a session!