Year 11 Maths Advanced Program Earlwood


The First Education HSC Mathematics Advanced (2 Unit) Program is intended for the purpose of guiding HSC students through their HSC Maths studies at a slightly faster rate than what they are likely to experience in the classroom. The program combines learning in small groups, interacting individually with the tutor, doing homework, and experiencing exam style conditions to allow each student to build their passion and confidence in their maths to conquer their goals!!

Cost of Small Group Sessions – $96 per 2 hour session.

For more information please check out our HSC Mathematics Advanced Program below or find our printable copy here, contact Harry Mav on 0401 937 879 or fill in the form below to have Harry Mav contact you!


Structure of each weekly session (2 hours)
30 minsGoing through homework
30 minsSession 1 content
5 minsQuick break / Game
30 minsSession 2 content
25 minsQuestions on Session 1 and 2 content


Year 10 Term 4
Week 1Methods in Algebra A
Week 2Methods in Algebra B
Week 3Revision
Week 4Numbers and Surds A
Week 5Revision
Week 6Functions and Graphs A
Week 7Functions and Graphs B
Week 8Functions and Graphs C
Week 9Functions and Graphs D
Week 10Revision


Year 11 Term 1
Week 1Translations and Symmetry A
Week 2Translations and Symmetry B
Week 3Revision
Week 4Trigonometry A
Week 5Trigonometry B
Week 6Trigonometry C
Week 7Revision
Week 8Coordinate Plane A
Week 9Coordinate Plane B
Week 10Revision
Hol 1Exponentials and Logs A
Hol 2Exponentials and Logs B


Year 11 Term 2
Week 1Exponentials and Logs  B
Week 2Revision
Week 3Calculus A
Week 4Calculus B
Week 5Calculus C
Week 6Calculus D
Week 7Revision
Week 8Euler’s Number and Radians A
Week 9Euler’s Number and Radians B
Week 10Revision
Hol 1Probability A
Hol 2Probability B


Year 11 Term 3
Week 1Probability C
Week 2Revision
Week 3Discrete Probability Distributions A
Week 4Discrete Probability Distributions B
Week 5Revision
Week 6Sequences and Series A
Week 7Sequences and Series B
Week 8Sequences and Series C
Week 9Revision
Week 10Graphs and Equations A
Hol 1Graphs and Equations B
Hol 2Revision


Year 11 Term 4
Week 1Curve Sketching Using the Derivative A
Week 2Curve Sketching Using the Derivative B
Week 3Curve Sketching Using the Derivative C
Week 4Curve Sketching Using the Derivative D
Week 5Revision
Week 6Integration A
Week 7Integration B
Week 8Integration C
Week 9Integration D
Week 10Revision


Year 12 Term 1
Week 1Calculus with Expos and Logs A
Week 2Calculus with Expos and Logs B
Week 3Calculus with Expos and Logs C
Week 4Revision
Week 5Calculus with Trigonometry A
Week 6Calculus with Trigonometry B
Week 7Calculus with Trigonometry C
Week 8Revision
Week 9Motion and Rates A
Week 10Motion and Rates B
Hol 1Motion and Rates C
Hol 2Revision


Year 12 Term 2
Week 1Series and Finance A
Week 2Series and Finance B
Week 3Series and Finance C
Week 4Revision
Week 5Displaying and Interpreting Data A
Week 6Displaying and Interpreting Data B
Week 7Revision
Week 8Continuous Probability A
Week 9Continuous Probability B
Week 10Revision



Year 12 Term 3 and lead up to HSC – Practice exam papers to prepare for Trial and HSC exams.