Year 12 Chemistry HSC Program

Year 12 Chemistry HSC Program

The First Education HSC Chemistry Program is intended for the purpose of guiding HSC students through their HSC Chemistry studies at a slightly faster rate than what they are likely to experience in the classroom. The program combines learning in small groups, interacting individually with the tutor, doing homework, and experiencing exam style conditions to allow each student to build their passion and confidence in their chemistry to conquer their goals!! 

Cost of Small Group Sessions – $108 per 2 hour session. 

Bondi Centre            Mondays 6-8pm 
Earlwood Centre       Contact us to submit time preferences
Maroubra Centre      Tuesdays 4-6pm 
Mascot Centre           Contact us to submit time preferences
Randwick Centre      Thursdays 6-8pm

Chemistry Trial Exam Program July holidays 2024

For more information please Contact Us  to have a chat and organise a session!

Structure of each weekly session (2 hours)
30 mins Going through homework
30 mins Session 1 content
5 mins Quick break / Game
30 mins Session 2 content
25 mins Questions on Session 1 and 2 content
Year 10 Term 4
Week 1Properties of Matter A
Week 2Revision 
Week 3Atomic Structure and Mass A
Week 4Atomic Structure and Mass B
Week 5Revision
Week 6Periodicity A
Week 7Revision 
Week 8Bonding A
Week 9Revision 
Week 10Module 1 Revision 
Year 11 Term 1
Hols 1Chemical Reactions and Stoich. A
Hols 2Revision
Week 1Mole Concept A
Week 2Mole Concept B
Week 3Revision
Week 4Combined Revision
Week 5Concentration and Molarity A
Week 6Revision
Week 7Gas Laws A
Week 8Revision
Week 9Combined Revision
Week 10Module 2 Revision 
Year 11 Term 2
Hols 1Chemical Reactions A
Hols 2Revision
Week 1Reactions of Metals A
Week 2Reactions of Metals B
Week 3Revision
Week 4Rates of Reactions A
Week 5Revision 
Week 6Module 3 Revision
Week 7Energy in Reactions A
Week 8Revision 
Week 9Enthalpy and Hess’s Law A
Week 10Revision 
Year 11 Term 3
Hols 1Entropy and Gibbs A
Hols 2Revision
Week 1Module 4 Revision 
Week 2Preliminary Revision 
Week 3Preliminary Revision
Week 4Preliminary Revision
Week 5Static and Dynamic Equilibrium A
Week 6Revision 
Week 7Factors that Affect Equilibrium A
Week 8Revision 
Week 9Equilibrium Constant A
Week 10Revision 
Year 11 Term 4
Hols 1Combined Revision
Hols 2Solution Equilibria A
Week 1Revision 
Week 2Module 5 Revision 
Week 3Properties of Acids and Bases A
Week 4Revision 
Week 5Bronsted Lowry Theory A
Week 6Bronsted Lowry Theory B
Week 7Revision 
Week 8Quantitative Analysis A
Week 9Revision 
Week 10Module 6 Revision 
Year 12 Term 1
Hols 1Nomenclature A
Hols 2Nomenclature B
Week 1Revision 
Week 2Hydrocarbons A
Week 3Revision
Week 4Combined Revision
Week 5Alcohols A
Week 6Revision
Week 7Organic Acids and Bases A
Week 8Organic Acids and Bases B
Week 9Revision
Week 10Combined Revision 
Year 12 Term 2
Hols 1Polymers A
Hols 2Revision
Week 1Module 7 Revision
Week 2Inorganic Substances A
Week 3Inorganic Substances B
Week 4Revision
Week 5Organic Substances A
Week 6 Revision
Week 7Combined Revision
Week 8Chemical Synthesis and Design A
Week 9Revision
Week 10Module 8 Revision

At First Education we build passion and confidence in our students so they can conquer their goals!

To experience all this for yourself and your child, Contact Us to have a chat and organise a session!