Year 7 to 10 Tuition

Year 7 to 10 Tuition

Mathematics| English | Science | NAPLAN preparation.

One on One Sessions ($80 per hour). Synchronised Sessions available.

(Year 10 Maths – from Term 4) HSC Maths Program ($96 per 2 hour session) for Mathematics Advanced (2 Unit) and Mathematics Extension 1 (3 Unit).

April Holidays – NAPLAN Training Program ($50 per 2 hour session including exam, marking and feedback)

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Bridging Knowledge Gaps

Many children reach high school having struggled a bit during primary school. The great thing is, no child is a lost cause. Often, if a child is struggling to keep up in school, it’s simply because they have a few key knowledge gaps. For example, if a child never grasps their times tables, moving on to fractions will be difficult.

At First Education in Maroubra, Earlwood and Bondi, we’re all about plugging those knowledge gaps. Our high school tutors are skilled at identifying the areas your child is struggling with most, and working with them to improve. Not only does this help with their understanding of educational concepts, but it also helps to grow their confidence.

Building Confidence

It’s often difficult for children to feel good about learning if they’re not experiencing success. Bad results and criticism just pile up and makes a child doubt themselves. The big issue here is that children become afraid to make mistakes. Rather, we want to encourage children to give everything a try without fear of getting the answer wrong. Mistake are how we learn.

Children learn more effectively when they have confidence in themselves, so that’s the environment we create. Our high school tutors in Sydney are committed to building your child’s confidence, therefore setting them on a path to success.

Focused on Current Schoolwork

At First Education, we don’t use generic teaching methods. It’s all about understanding your child’s needs, and teaching according to them. We’re very open to helping students with current schoolwork, because this is more beneficial than revisiting generic worksheets or concepts they already understand.

For example, we’ve got some great HSC English tutors who can help students with essay planning, structure and delivery. We can even help students with preparation for upcoming tests and exams. It’s a very one on one approach, and students appreciate their tuition sessions being about the things they really need help with.

Year 7-10 Tuition

At First Education we build passion and confidence in our students so they can conquer their goals!

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